Reality Television This Fall

For many people, the swiftly approaching fall television season is most exciting
because of the slew of reality tv debuts and new seasons that will be coming soon.
For example, just in September we will see new seasons of popular shows like
Survivor, America’s Next Top Model, Dancing With The Stars, Amazing Race, and
others. This is an extensive enough lineup to leave most fans of the reality
television circuit thoroughly satisfied. However, perhaps even more exciting is the
debut of the new talent-seeking reality show from Simon Cowell, “The X Factor.”

Many people who have not read about this show but have seen previews for it are a
bit confused at how exactly it differs from Cowell’s original hit, the now
enormously popular “American Idol.” The truth is that, aside from the fact that The
X Factor originated in the UK and is now being brought to America, the two shows are
remarkably similar. Simply described, the show involves a public search for talent,
and then contests between different pop singers. The singers will be judged by a
panel of celebrities (including Cowell, and even Paula Abdul, also from American
Idol), and the winner will receive a recording contract. So, essentially – it’s just
about the exact same thing as American Idol.

Some have even speculated that The X-Factor is Simon Cowell’s not-so-subtle way of
showing the entertainment industry and television audience that the primary reason
for American Idol’s success was he himself. After all, it takes a certain amount of
confidence, and probably arrogance, to leave one show and rebound with a show that
is almost exactly the same. Yet, judging by the level of excitement that The
X-Factor is generating, Cowell’s “gamble” will probably pay off. It seems that his
new show may be destined to become just as big as American Idol.

Fortunately, thanks to the widespread adoration of these types of realities, and
thanks also to Direct TV business
, you should be able to keep up with your favorite programs just about
anywhere you go this fall. More and more often, these shows are being aired in
places of business (such as restaurants, gyms, malls, etc.), simply because the
number of followers of reality television has grown consistently. So, whether you
are a casual fan who just watches at night, or a reality TV fanatic who likes to
keep up with your favorite shows and characters twenty-four hours a day, you should
be kept plenty busy this fall.