Big Brother 11 begins with a twist

Big Brother 11 premiered on Thursday, July 9, with a twist. All of the house guests will compete in four groups, viz., the Jocks, the Freaks, the Preps and the Nerds. The cast are as follows.

Braden (Preps), Casey (DJ and 5th grade teacher, 40 years old, Freaks), Chima (Nerds), Jeff (Advertising sales from Chicago, Jocks), Jordan (Hair stylist and waitress, Preps), Kevin (gay guy, Freaks), Laura (big boobs from Georgia, Preps), Lydia (makeup artist, Freaks), Michele (scientist, Nerds), Natalie (Tae Kwon do Champion, Jocks), Ronnie (Nerds), Russell (24, pro mixed martial arts fighter, Jocks) and Jesse, the amateur body builder from Big Brother 10 (Jocks)

In another twist, Jesse from Big Brother 10 joined the house of the Head of House for the first show. He is part of the Jocks group. Since the Jocks won the HOH competition, Jesse was allowed to move into the house and awarded the HOH prize. The losers were Cowboy from Big Brother 5 (Freaks), Jessica from Big Brother 8 (Preps) and Brian from Big Brother 10 (Nerds).

In the HOH competition, Braden was the only one to give the jocks a run for their money. But, it was a physical competition, and the Jocks won.

Jesse cannot nominate anyone from the Jocks group. So, the game is on.