JT wins Survivor 18, Tocantins, in a unanimous vote

It was really no surprise that the favorite and dominate player, JT, a 24-year-old cattle rancher from Samson, Alabama, won Survivor 18 by a unanimous vote. He went head to head with Stephen Fishbach, a Yale graduate from New York. And, even though Stephen fought hard to get votes, JT continued to dominate.

In addition to the $1 million prize, JT also won an extra $100,000 by winning the viewer poll. JT shed a few tears after his name was announced as the winner, and said that he was the happiest that he has ever been in his life. He vowed that he would go into business with his new best friend, Stephen, and that the two of them would take the prize winnings and make even more money.

The final three were Thomas (JT), Stephen and Erinn Lobdell, the chatty hairstylist. Stephen admitted to the jury that he would have chosen Erinn to go into the finals, if he had won the final challenge. He also tried to paint JT as one of the masterminds behind getting rid of Taj before Erinn. However, this just resulted in Stephen not receiving a single vote from the jury.

Later, JT said that he pretended to be hurt by Stephen's comments to the jury, but he admitted that he was just trying to pull move votes in his favor. JT also admitted that it was an easy choice for him to take Stephen with him to the finals, but he also recognized that if Stephen had won the final challenge that it would have been difficult for Stephen to face him in the final. In the end, all was forgiven, and JT and Stephen remain the best of friends.