Real Houswives of New York Finale, the Reunion, ... and a "Lost Footage" Episode!

The season finale of Real Houswives of New York City is scheduled to air on Tuesday, May 5 at 10 PM ET/PT. Sounds like it might be a good one; rumor is that Bethanny and Jill have a showdown. Really? I thought they were such good friends!

May 12 comes the season finale hosted, as usual by Andy Cohen. This time, or so I hear, Simon will not appear. Too bad! It's fun watching to see how far Ramona's eyes can pop.

Finally, on Thursday, May 14, Bravo will run a "lost footage" episode with never before viewed scenes from show. If they truly are "never before," it might be fun.

And if you're still not Housewived out, May 12 is also the night that Housewives moves to... the Garden State.

Can't wait ... .